Why being a nap queen is absolutely okay


Naps are one of the most relaxing things in the world. When you're tired from being up too late finishing homework or watching rom-coms with your besties, simply taking a power nap during the day makes you feel more awake and productive. With our busy lives and hectic schedules, finding time to snooze might be tough but it's *totally* worth it. Check out all the benefits of a quick 15 minute sleep sesh below (and show them to your mom the next time she complains that you're always napping).

Improved memory
It has been proven by studies that naps help you remember info and details better. So if you're having trouble studying for a test, don't just "push through". You'll be more prepared to recite the key events of the Civil War if you nap first.

Increased alertness
What are the chances of you *actually* getting work done or being productive when you're exhausted? Pretty much zero to none. Taking a nap will make you more focused and concentrated so you can tackle whatever tasks are on your list.

Better mood
Lack of sleep definitely leads to grumpiness and irritability. Not to mention, it makes sad or anxious feelings a lot worse. No bueno. Naps will certainly boost your mood but make sure to keep them to no longer than 30 minutes. Any more and you could feel drowsy instead of energized.

Reduced stress
Sometimes when we are stressed or overwhelmed, we don't think right and everything starts falling out of place. Taking a nap is the equivalent to refreshing your brain and giving it a new start.

Are you a frequent napper? Tell us why in the comments!

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by Aarti Sharma | 5/23/2018