Micro decorating ideas to fall-ify your bedroom

Autumn is upon us! And with it comes the gorgeous rainy day, library book, cozy blanket, crewneck aesthetic that makes the whole season feel like a hug. Are you ready to bring this vibe into your room? You've come to the right place. 

First things first, it's important not to let fall explode all over your room, which is why we're leaning into micro decorating. Think: hints of fall sprinkled in little elements of your space. Here are a few ideas:

1. Scented candles

Bath and Body Works, $25

Who doesn't love the flavors of fall? From pumpkin spice to apple cider, these ah-mazing aromas make for top-notch candle scents. When they're lit, you'll literally be breathing in autumn. When they're not, they'll make for aesthetic decor. 

2. Fall plants


We heart incorporating natural elements into our decor. To spin things into our fall theme, we're turning to pumpkins and fall-colored flowers. Mini pumpkins are our fave and mixing white and orange on your dresser, vanity or bookshelf is the perfect spooky spice for your space. If flowers are more your vibe, warm colors like yellow (sunflowers), white (baby's breath), orange (daisies or marigolds) work well together on any surface in a vase with water.

3. Fall blanket

TJ Maxx, $25

One of the classiest ways to decorate your space? A folded blanket on the foot of your bed. To secure the autumnal aesthetic, invest in a festive printed throw, or lean into that warm fall color palette. 

4. Fall pillows

Target, $22

Same idea as a blanket but on the opposite end of the bed, fall pillows are another great micro decoration. Just one small pillow can transform your "bedscape" into a subtly autumnal cozy space. 

5. Themed book display


If you're not wanting to go out and buy fall decor, there's another way you can bring the season into your space. Step one: Decide on a theme. This can be one fall color, a mix of fall colors or simply your fave fall reads. Step two: Stack these books on one of the main surfaces of your room for an academia-meets-autumn vibe. 

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by Riley Yates | 10/14/2022