We found a dreamy desk setup for every Enneagram type


The secret to glowing up your study spot?
Yep, it's a personality test.

Let's be honest: There's nothing better than a start-of-the-year room refresh. And, yes, it's great to have a beautiful bed, a chic closet and the coziest of reading corners...but the most important part of your space? A dream desk. Research shows that creating a homework haven that works for you not only boosts your grades but also reduces stress and anxiety (yes, pls). 

But here's the thing: While some girls study best in a super organized space, others thrive on, well, something closer to curated chaos. The key to setting yourself up for school success is knowing what works for you.

Luckily, we have the perfect tool to decode your decor—the Enneagram. If you haven't seen the Enneagram popping up on your Insta feed yet, let us explain: It's a personality test with nine core "types." So whether you're hoping to cultivate an artsy aura (looking at you, Type 4) or lean into all things laid-back (very Type 9), we're breaking down *exactly* how you can tap into your traits for the best year ever.


Lamp: Pottery Barn Teen, $54 | Magazine File: Target, $7 | Glasses: Nordstrom, $15 | Clock: Amazon, $13 | Desk Organizer: PB Teen, $89

Type 1: The Reformer
Who you are: Perfectly color-coded pen collection? Check. Stacked daily to-do list? Check. Face it: Organization is basically your middle name.
Your desk vibe: A clean, clutter-free zone is where you'll feel (and be!) most productive.


Strawberry Trash Can: Peachy Mart, $18 | Floral Vase: Paper Source, $20 | Photo Clip Wall Frame: World Market, $20 | Smiley Face Pillow: Altard State, $48 | Butterfly Notepad Set: Urban Outfitters, $12

Type 2: The Helper
Who you are: You're basically human sunshine: That golden retriever energy is exactly what keeps others smiling day after day.
Your desk vibe: Elevate your space with pretty pastels and fun mementos to keep the good mood going—even during the longest study seshes.


Succulents with Planters: The Sill, $98 | Hexagon Table Organizers: Etsy, $36 | Poster: Society6, $25 | Goal Tracker: Anthropologie, $34

Type 3: The Achiever
Who you are: Ambitious and achievement-oriented, you've got the grind to Get. Stuff. Done.
Your desk vibe: You're always on the go, so your workspace should be a spot to recharge and refocus (while working toward your greatest goals, ofc). 


Chair: World Market, $250 | Coaster Set: Kendra Scott, $36 | Vanity Mirror: West Elm, $60 | Grecian Pot: Anthropologie, $28

Type 4: The Individualist
Who you are: You're unapologetically authentic, expressive and in-tune with your deepest emotions.
Your desk vibe: A nook where you can imagine and innovate is v. necessary, so adorn your tabletop with decor that inspires.


Table Lamp: Walmart, $35 | Globe: Joss and Main, $44 | Encyclopedia Set: Etsy, $58 | Agate Bookends: West Elm, $34 each | Ballpoint Pen: Day Spring Pens, $73

Type 5: The Investigator
Who you are: A lover of learning, you spend your free time researching new things and expanding your horizons.
Your desk vibe: A minimalist set up helps you analyze and ace the task at hand.


Moon Beam Clock: L.L. Bean, $60 | Keyboard: Logitech, $99 | Planter: Williams-Sonoma, $29 | Mug: Talking Out of Turn, $15 | Pen Holder: Cotton On, $9

Type 6: The Loyalist
Who you are: Our fave thing about you? You're the most reliable BFF. Bonus: our problem-solving skills are on a level of their own.
Your desk vibe: A sunny (but still practical) space is your key to working through the toughest essays and equations. 


Bluetooth Speaker: Muzen Audio, $129 | Candle: Amazon, $24 | Photo Display: Dormify, $24 | Poster: Society6, $18 | MacBook Stand: Apple, $59

Type 7: The Enthusiast
Who you are: Hi, main character! Your "always down for the next adventure" 'tude makes you the life of the party.
Your desk vibe: You need a desk that reflects your amaze dreams, so spring for a setup that can essentially take you anywhere.


Chair: Pottery Barn Teen, $249 | Hot Cocoa: Moonstruck Chocolate, $12 | Phone/Tablet Holder: Pottery Barn Teen, $30 | Wireless Mouse: Jelly Comb, $29 | Desk Planner: Papier, $29

Type 8: The Challenger
Who you are: You're a natural leader with unmatched poise and confidence. You know exactly what you want, and you aren't afraid to manifest the rest.
Your desk vibe: Stay on top of your to-do list and channel your fiercest focus with a sleek space.


Bluetooth Record Player: Victrola, $79 | Throw Blanket: Dormify, $39 | Moon Wall Light: Dormify, $29 | Mug: Target, $7 | Bendy Candles: Etsy, $9

Type 9: The Peacemaker 
Who you are: Chillness abounds, bb. You like things low-key, and your always-zen presence is what helps you get along with basically everyone.
Your desk vibe: Your desk is the place for you to keep calm and cozy as you pour your energy into passion projects. 

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by Lena Genovese and Kathleen O'Neill | 8/15/2022