9 cozy pieces to transform your room for fall

Fall is *finally* here—and what better way to celebrate than by spicing up your space? The options are endless when it comes to adding some fall fun to your room. Read on to see our picks for the cutest and coziest decor pieces that are sure to capture all the fall vibes. 

Fall wall collage

Etsy, $14

Create an autumnal aesthetic for your bedroom wall with this digital collage. With these quotes, doodles and photos—your wall will be looking like fall in no time. 

Chunky cable knit blanket

Target, $30

At the end of a long day at school, all you really want to do is curl up under a cozy blanket—and we have the *perfect* option for you. These soft blankets add comfort to any space, and you can even choose the color that best suits your fall vibe. 

Pumpkin apple candle

Bath and Body Works, $26

No fall themed room would be complete without a good candle, and this sweater weather scent is a must have for the season. Plus, it's eye catching hue and design will *definitely* brighten up your bedroom. 

Burnt orange throw pillow

Dormify, $36

Need a pop of color in your fabulous fall themed room? With its burnt orange shade and fun fring—this statement pillow is a simple way to jazz up your furniture for the season. 

Orange fairy lights

Amazon, $13

You can never go wrong with fairy lights. These amber fairy lights are the perfect dainty detail to add a touch of fall to your space. String them up wherever you please to turn an ordinary room into a cozy fall oasis. 

Chunky knit throw pillow

Target, $30

We all know and love chunky knit blankets—but what about chunky knit pillows? This throw pillow is an easy way to acessorize your bed for the season. The best part—it comes in *tons* of different colors, all fit for fall.

Pumpkin air plant holder

Etsy, $25

If you're an aspiring plant mom but can't keep anything alive no matter how hard you try—an air plant might be perfect for you. These little creatures require no soil and minimal watering. Give your new air plant child an *adorable* home in this pumpkin holder that's guaranteed to add some fall fun to any space. 

Candle holder

Bath and Body Works, $35

This glass candle holder is the perfect complement to your favorite fall candle. The sleek and modern design has just a hint of fall—making it practical to use year round if you don't want to buy a new holder every season.

Shaggy rug, $89

What better way to add some warmth to your room during the brisk fall weather than with a shaggy rug? This rug is sure to make your space extra cozy and the burnt orange color exudes fall vibes. 


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Slider image: | All GIFs via Giphy


by Paige Mountain and Samara Smukler | 9/27/2021