How to make your room a stress-free sanctuary before school starts

Over the past school year, a lot of us mixed our work space with our lounge space. Zooming from bed made it hard to relax during that post-math class Netflix binge. Now that you're headed back to IRL classes, it's time to separate the stress of school from your you-time. We've rounded up 5 easy ways to transform your room into an amazing personal sanctuary all year long. 

1. Revamp your relaxation space
The first step to making your bedroom a stress-free zone is decluttering. Clear your space of anything that doesn't bring you joy—Marie Kondo, anyone? Take out the trash, put allll the mugs from the week back in the kitchen and clear off *the chair* (if you know, you know). Use this time to reorganize as well! Throw things away and donate old clothes to your local Goodwill. Voila! You've just given yourself a clean slate going into this new school year. 

2. D.W.Z. (aka your designated work zone)


While doing work from bed can seem relaxing, it turns out we're not really doing our brains a favor. Take it from Annie Miller, a therapist and behavioral sleep medicine specialist: "We want the bed to be a cue for sleep, and working in bed weakens this association." With that in mind, it's time to create a designated work zone. Whether it's the kitchen table or even a desk in you room, it's important to limit your schoolwork to that area. You'll train your brain to know that when you're at that spot, it's go-time. Spice up your work zone with your fave stationery and pens—cute supplies are the key to staying productive. 

3. Warm up the lighting


After staring at the annoyingly small font in your textbooks, texting in your spare time and typing on your laptop all day, your eyes deserve some TLC. Hang up warm fairy lights around your bedroom for some cute decor that isn't too harsh on the eyes. Switch out your light bulb to soft white or daylight bulbs for the perfect chill atmosphere—your eyes will thank you later!

4. Add some aromatherapy


Nothing will make your stress-free sanctuary better than adding in a few relaxing scents and smells. Our go-to is a classic candle, but if you're not a fan you can also try diffusers, fresh flowers, scented lotion or even dried herbs. Don't be afraid to get creative with your fragrances, too! Buy festive candles during the holidays or pick up some sweet, seasonal flowers.

5. Keep it cozy


Who doesn't need a power nap after a long school day? You simply *cannot* chillax without a snuggly blanket. Pull out your cuddliest covers and fluffiest pillows to make the relaxing so much more comfy and cozy.

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by Cara Lamina and Riley Yates | 8/6/2021