5 cute and cheap items to add to your room decor rn

One Pinterest-worthy room, please...

Photo collage, $12

Have that one blank wall that's always staring at you with no character? A photo collage is the easiest and trendiest to style that dreaded wall. This fun, glitz-and-glam collage is one of our faves.

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Butterfly 3D stickers, $8

This dreamy decor option comes in a pack of 36 crystal butterflies, so there's just enough to fly over your headboard. Sweet dreams, babe.

Scrunchie holder, $14

Instead of putting your cute scrunchies in the dirty bathroom drawer, display them on this functional stand. It'll look *perf* on your dresser or vanity, and you can even swap out scrunchies based on the aesthetic you're going for (maybe light blue and white to match that new bedspread?).

Light-up hanging vines, $14

Create the ultimate comfy and cozy haven with these whimsical vines. Hang them from an open doorway or behind your bed, light your fave candle and feel the #zenvibes come your way...

Neon sign, $11

A simple neon sign like this one can easily transform your bedroom into the *opposite* of simple. Pair this sassy sign with the boujee photo collage, and you have yourself a premier photoshoot your own room.

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Slider image via Pinterest. All GIFs via Giphy.

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by Elise Jones | 2/2/2021