A brief guide to keeping your room clean this summer

Finding it impossible to keep your room clean? We can relate. Cups and plates build up quickly, and your laundry hasn't seen the inside of the dresser in way too long. Marie Kondo-ing everything into oblivion is a good temporary fix. But if you're looking for long-term clean, you'll need to do more than ditch the clutter. Here are five ways to keep your space sparkling.

Toss your trash ASAP

The best way to keep bottles and crumpled napkins from cluttering up your space is to get rid of them right after use. This might mean carrying them to the kitchen garbage bin. Or you could look into getting a cheap (+ stylish) trash pail for your room. Procrastination will only make the trash pile up. Get ahead of the mess before it's an icky issue.

Let there be light

Vitamin D is good for you. As we've covered before, a dose of sunlight can improve your mood, keep your heart healthy, and regulate your circadian rhythm (AKA your sleep cycle). Open your blinds or curtains to let the light in during the day. Seeing your room in the light of the day will motivate you to keep it cute, and boost your mood. It's a win-win.

Make. Your. Bed.

You've probably heard this a dozen times, but it's worth a repeat: making your bed is *key* to starting your day off right. Not only will your room look more put together, but you'll have a chore under your belt early. That makes it easier to want to do a few more throughout the day. Plus, you won't have to scramble to hide it when you're joining your next Zoom call.

Give everything a place

Having a dedicated place for clutter like laundry and school supplies makes life ten times easier. Rather than trying to hide things in drawers, you can tuck it away in a colorful bin or basket. Your stuff will look nicer when stored neatly, and you'll know where to look when you need a pencil.

Dazzle with decor

Those enviable rooms you see on Pinterest? That could be you. Next time you have the budget for a little decorating, go crazy with a certain theme or aesthetic. Take pride in the way your room looks and you'll be more likely to keep it neat. Bonus if your decor also helps to keep things organized.

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Slider Image: Pexels


by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/15/2020