These trendy plants are must-haves for your room this summer

Tired of the same decor? Want something other than candles and fairy lights to spice up your room? Yeah, same—and you're not alone!

It's easy to see why more and more people are decking out their spaces with pretty plants rather than stuffy, lifeless decor. Succulents, cacti, calatheas, philodendrons and more not only look beautiful, but they breathe new live into every space *and* they boost your health and happiness—plus, they're good for the environment. And who doesn't love saving the earth?

Plants release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, and this removes all the toxins in your room and freshens up the air. According to NBC News, when the toxins are replaced with fresh air, your concentration and productivity improve by 15 percent, reducing your stress levels and boosting your mood. 

Read on how you can spruce up your space just with some greenery. 


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Replacing your decorations with plants can be fun and artistic, too. You can put your plants in any color pot you desire, and decorate the pot as you wish. This is a perfect way to show and embrace your inner self because you can design them unique to how you like it. 


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So, what are you waiting for? Go out and find your plants!


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Inspiration: NBC News, Instagram

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by Shirin Baharlou | 6/11/2020