This inexpensive item is the secret to sprucing up your space

So you share a room with your sis, or your parents don't want to spend the dollars to paint your space. Here's your no-fuss compromise: a tapestry.

These chic cover-all wall hangings are inexpensive, stylish and come in endless styles. These nine trendy picks are the best way to spruce up your space this spring. 

1. Succulent print, $15

When you can't keep plants alive, so you buy a plant-covered tapestry instead..

2. Wanderlust moment, $36

For the travel junkie, use this to pick your next destination!

3. Patchwork print, $50

This throwback style is perf for a rustic room.

4. Sunflower fields, $28

Queue "Sunflower" by Past Malone anad Swae Lee.

5. Space vibes, $23

This galactic tapestry combines the real and the fantastic for the perfect mix of awe on your wall.

6. Posi vibes, $36

When you wake up every day and *this* is the first thing you see, you're setting yourself up for success.

7. Textured moon phases, $39

This tapestry is textured and slightly smaller than the rest, which is perf if you want to use this in *addition* to other accessories to spruce up your walls.

8. Lemon wheels, $35

This adorable tapestry is quirky and unique for those who like to make a statement.

9. Just peachy, $39

This pattern is just playful enough to brighten up you space, but the pretty pastels keep things super serene.

Whatever your style, there’s a tapestry out there for you. Find the perfect one to adorn your wall to tie your room together.


by Alexandra Shea | 4/7/2019