Turn your room into a reading nook for National Read a Book Day

Every book lover knows that it’s so much easier to enjoy your current read when your room provides the right atmosphere. In honor of World Book Day (that's Tuesday, April 23!), here’s our guide on how to turn your room into the perfect place to get lost in the next few chapters. 

Light it up.
It’s all about good lightingmake sure you have enough overhead light so that reading isn’t causing a strain on your eyes. You can use a desk lamp, a book light or hang soft string lights to add some coziness to your story session.

Snuggle up with seating.
Add a few more blankets to curl up with on your bed and a backrest pillow for extra comfort while reading.

Keep 'em close.
You can use a small book shelf as a nightstand next to your bed so that your favorite book is always within reach. Add decorative baskets at the bottom to hide clutter.

Set aside a space.
For times when you really want to get lost in a book, you should have a little reading area in your room. You can make a fort in a corner of your roomthrow down a fluffy rug and pillows on the floor of it for a small getaway inside your room.

Frame your faves.
Framed book posters of your favorite reads will get you inspired to sit down with a good book every time you walk through the door. Bonus: A white board with a list of books you plan to read can also be nice decoration.

Decorate your desk.
Fill a jar up with crystals to hold bookmarks. Place cute bookends with a few of your favorite books in between them (you can make your own bookends).

What’s your favorite book to curl up with? Tell us below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Lauren McMillan | 4/21/2019