Give your room an upgrade with these YouTube channels


We’re always looking for new ways to decorate and spice up our bedrooms throughout the year. And while Pinterest is a great resource, seeing the same pins over and over can get boring after awhile. The solution? YouTube. Yep, it's for more than vlogs and makeup tutorials. Below are some of our fave channels with all the inspo and ideas to help you redecorate your room.

You have got to try these super chic Tumblr inspired room decor ideas from lifestyle blogger Arlyne Sanjines.

LaurDIY saves the day again! Lauren shares a bunch of fun DIYs to make your room more bright and colorful.

Decorating on a budget? Check out these cute dollar DIYs from craft queen Katherine Elizabeth.

The Sorry Girls *never* disappoint. This make-it-yourself memory box is so super cute. 

What’s your fave YouTube for DIYs and decor? Let us know in the comments below!

by Shilpa Raj | 11/23/2018