Revamp your room on a budget


Feeling that mid-semester slump? Revamping your room can provide the beautification boost you need and help amp up the energy in your living space. Check out our fave tips and tricks for waking up your space...without breaking the bank. 
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    Hang your photos with cute clothespins

    Your room is your own private sanctuary, and it should be filled with pics of the people you love. Ditch those boring old pictures frames and hang your fave photos on the wall. All you need are a few long strands of string, ribbon or yarn and some pretty clothespins. 

    Check out this tutorial to do it yourself HERE.

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    Hang your  jewlery on hooks

    Instead of leaving your statement neckalces all tangled in a jewelry box, let them dangle on display. Nail a few cute hooks on the wall to hang your necklaces, bracelets or even earrings and rings. They’ll stay knot-free, and you can treat them as a piece of art!

    World market hooks, $5-7,

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    Illuminate with string lights

    Add some twinkle to your space by hanging string lights in your room. You can wrap them around your bedframe, make an awesome design on your wall or even drape them from the ceiling to create your own private starry sky.

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    Make a message out of a magazine

    Whether you need motivation to get through a homework assignment or words of wisdom to cheer you up after a long day, an inspirational message on your wall is sure to make your space homier. Just cut out the letters you want from the pages of a magazine and attach them to the wall with tape or Command strips. So pretty—and *so* easy.

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by Samantha Max | 2/1/2016