8 tasty treats for late night cravings

When you’re up late studying for tests or finishing up a book report you’re bound to get hungry. Instead of going for packaged or processed snacks (although we'll always love you, Doritos!), we’ve found some healthier options to keep you focused longer and avoid the dreaded sugar crash.

Instead of pizza bites...
Try zucchini pizza.
This pull-apart zucchini pizza is not only totally adorable it’s super healthy, too. When you're super tired the next morning, zucchini will work double time to reduce those undereye bags with its rich source of Vitamin A.

Instead of chocolate chip cookies...
Try apple slice "cookies."
Apples are so delicious and sweet on their own, but with peanut butter and chocolate, they are even better. This recipe is packed with protein and healthy fats using peanut butter, walnuts and coconut.

Instead of potato chips...
Try salt and vinegar cucumber chips.
It’s old news that potato chips aren't always the best snack choice for your bod. It's so annoying that they are just so tasty, but these cucumber chips are just as crunchy and salty...yum.

Instead of an ice cream sundae...
Try banana split bites.
Sundaes are a favorite among late night snacks, but these delectable little bites are perfect for powering up your brain (fruit has antioxidants!) and are just as yummy.

Instead of nachos...
Try bell pepper boats.
If you’ve got a little extra time to prep, these delicious nacho boats are much healthier than traditional nachos. Top with some guac and you’re golden.

Instead of chips or pretzels...
Try baked edamame.
Salty, savory and crispy, baked edamame is great to pop in your mouth and munch away. Plus, these little beans are protein powerhouses.

Instead of a chocolate bar...
Try chocolate energy bites. 
“You’re not you when you’re hungry” but don’t eat a Snickers. You’d be much happier eating these energy bites packed with delicious coconut, nuts and best of all, chocolate.

What tasty treat are you going to try next time you're up late? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.

by Bella Torres | 9/2/2017
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