Your guide to hosting a DIY flower bouquet party

There's no better way to celebrate the warm 'n' sunny weather than with a bouquet-making bash for your besties. We're about to take you through planning and hosting the perfect Pinterest-worthy flower party. Your gals won't wanna miss this...

Gathering the materials


Step one: Stock up on blooms aplenty. Head to your local florist or farmers market and pick up a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Tulips, daisies and lilies? We're *def* adding those to our basket! Alternatively, have each attendee bring their own fave flowers. We recommend snagging some buckets, too—fill 'em with clean water to keep the flowers fresh and hydrated. Don't forget the scissors, wrapping paper and cute ribbons for assembling.  

Curating the setup

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To embrace the spirit of sunny szn, lean into pastels and earthy textures for your decorations. With warm weather and lush greenery during this time of year, an outdoor setup is absolutely *adorable.* Think: nature and cottagecore vibes. We suggest a cute tablecloth, fairy lights and hanging plants to achieve the whimsical aesthetic. For ambient lighting, our DIY recipe for aesthetic candles will do the trick ah-mazingly (pressed flowers + floral scents = perfection). 

Preparing the snacks


Summer hues are bright and colorful, so the snacks should be, too! For a yummy yet refreshing sweet treat, create homemade fruit parfaits by layering tiers of yogurt, granola and seasonal fruits (blueberries and raspberries, pls). Set out bowls of honey, chocolate chips, nuts and coconut flakes for toppings.

Creating the bouquets


Ok, you have the supplies ready to what? Here's how to make picture-perfect personalized bouquets:

Step 1: To prepare your flowers and preserve them for as long as possible, trim the stems at a slanted angle and remove extra leaves or thorns. Be sure to cut them evenly to eliminate ones that are too tall or short. 

Step 2: It's time to choose your flowers and begin arranging! Our best tip is to start small, and work your way from the center point. To fill in empty gaps, small flowers like baby's breath will do the job amazingly. The best results come when you don't rush the process, so cue the spring playlist as you add dimension to your bouquet and see what you like best. 

Step 3: Once you're happy with how the bouquet looks, use some floral tape or twine to secure everything in place. Then, using your wrapping paper of choice, wrap the flowers into a bundle. 

Step 4: Last but not least, decorate your bouquet with ribbon, stickers and pens to write notes around the bouquet. 

Remembering the party


No successful party is complete without photos to remember it by. We love a spring-inspired polaroid photo shoot for this (with the bouquets as the star of the show, obvi!). 

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by Madison Yee | 6/28/2024