The *best* games (beyond Pictionary) to play at your next Zoom hang

Missing the times when you could host in-person game nights for your friends? While it might not be safe to have in-person gatherings right now, you can still have tons of fun trying out new games with your buds over Zoom. Though Pictionary is always a great choice (gotta love the Whiteboard feature), you can up your Zoom game—literally—with these picks to pass the time.

What Do You Meme?

The classic Gen Z card game where you match hilarious captions to classic memes has a new twist on Zoom. Take turns choosing your fave images or memes (Kevin's face in Home Alone is a great place to start if you're not sure what to choose) and have your pals send you their perfect captions in the chat. The best part? You're not limited to pre-made captions, so you can use *all* the inside jokes you want for even more laughs. Just be sure to change everyone's names on Zoom to the same nickname so submissions are anonymous.

Psych: Outwit Your Friends

You don't need to use Zoom to play Ellen's fun app-based game, but you'll feel way more connected if you can see your friends' reactions in real time. Just download the app, create a room and get started. You'll be asked to come up with funny descriptors for each of your friends (think: what would their signature scent be called?). Then, guess which answer your friends *actually* came up with for themselves—and see who knows everyone best. The free version will definitely make you laugh, but if you like what you see, you can pay to download more questions.

Name That Tune

This game can get *super* competitive, especially if you and your buds love sharing new tracks with each other. Choose a category (TV show theme songs, 90s jams or Taylor Swift songs, for example), and stream part of the song right from your phone or laptop. You can choose to award points to the fastest guesser, or if the song choices are super difficult, give points to anyone who got the correct answer. See? All that Spotify listening came in handy.

Mario Kart

Miss having in-person tourneys on your Wii and playing as Princess Peach? Download the Mario Kart Tour app and host races with your friends by creating your own room. You can race up to seven other pals at once, choosing whichever rules and stakes you want. Though it might not be the same as playing in-person, you'll definitely enjoy competing to see who's *really* the Mario Kart champ. 


Live out your dream of being a Spy Kid by playing this creative game. Each group has one Spymaster, who tries to make them guess certain cards by giving one-word clues. Think carefully, though, because if you guess the wrong card, you could either help your opponents or lose the game entirely. Codenames is fully available to play online at, so you don't even need a real copy of the board game to try it out. Simply create a room and share the link with your friends to get started!

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by Ariane Faro | 1/8/2021