10 ways to banish snow-day boredom

We've all been there: home from school, but it's too blizzard-y to go out to Starbucks. *Sighhhh*. Are you on your fifth nap today and itching for something—anything—to do? No worries. Whether you're desperately waiting for a snow day or stuck inside, we've gotcha covered with the best ten things to keep from going stir crazy. 

1. Build a pillow fort

A cute pillow fort cinegraph, original photo found here

Get cozy and make the perfect snowy sanctuary for all of the Netflix you're gonna be watching today. Don't forget the fairy lights!

2. Do allll of the DIYs

Pass the time by making something you'll actually wear or use—like a friendship bracelet or these adorbs tassel earrings. Check out this list for a craft you can do every day this month here.

3. Experiment in the kitchen

Skip the take-out today. (Plus, chances are if you're staying in, the delivery guy is too.) Put a new twist on your fave food. Try Oreo crumbles in your pancakes, or invent a new breakfast sandwich. If hot cocoa is your thing, check out these Insta-worthy hot chocolate recipes.

4. Clean out your closet

Image result for cher from clueless closet

It's time to make some room in your closet for those incoming winter clothes you know you're going to buy (or recieve!). Sort out what you need and what you don't (and be honest). And if you wanna give your closet a makeover? Here's how.

5. Take a bubble bath

Nothing to do = self-appointed spa day. Take the time for yourself and use that face mask you've been saving for a *special* occasion. Bonus points if you've got a cup of hot cocoa. Obsessed with bath bombs? Check out this DIY here.

6. Sit down and read

You know that book you've been meaning to read? This is the time to read it. You've got no excuse. It's always good to get off the internet for a while. Take the opportunity to do so! GL has their top 100 must reads here, if you're in need of some serious book inspo.

7. Work out

If you're feeling the need to burn off some steam, there's tons of YouTubers who make the work easy for you by showing you how do get your grind on in the comfort of your own home. Put on your favorite work-out outfit and get to it! Don't feel like spending the day getting sweaty? Take a look at these one song workouts that pack a serious punch. 

8. Paint your nails

Get in the holiday spirit with some fun and festive nails. Check these colorful bulb nails. Wanna know how to get the best nails of your life? Click this link.

9. Watch your favorite movies

We support the watching of Mean Girls any time of year, but you can't beat that iconic holiday dance scene. Have a viewing party with everyone in your house, complete with lots of popcorn. Then, take a crack at this list of the best teen movies ever so you can spend the day on the couch.

10. Build a snowman!

If it's not too cold, that is. Round up your siblings, parents, or even go-solo if that's what your into, and craft the best snowman you know how. Who knows, maybe it'll even come to life.

How do you spend your snow days? Let us know in the comments!


by Audrey Bartholomew | 12/21/2018