10 out-of-the-box themes for your next summer party

School is out, which means the summer fun has finally begun! And what’s more fun than a themed party with all your friends? Get some inspo from these party themes for your next hang sesh.

1. Meme Party

Social media is crawling with amazing memes, so for your next party have everyone dress up as their fave meme. You can even get everyone to reenact the meme and record it for laughs later on.  

2. Princess Party

We all have our go-to Disney princesses (*cough Shuri from Black Panther cough*). Well, this is the perfect opportunity to release your inner princess with all your friends. Add some royal decorations, put on your fave princess dress and be literal queen for the evening.

3. Celeb Party

Dress up as your fav celeb and take on their personality for the whole party. You can even make a game out of it! Whoever goes the longest without breaking character wins.

4. Fashion Show Party

Our summer vibe is all about being a little more extra. For your next party, have everyone dress up in a high fashion outfit like the ones you see on the runway during fashion week. Do a bold makeup look and have a fashion show during the party. And make sure to take some bomb pics!

5. Midnight breakfast party

Invite your friends over that night to cook all your fav breakfast foods and then sit down at a nicely set table and enjoy some good food. That is, if you can manage to stay awake that late.

6. Prom Party

Anyone else want to wear their prom dress at least one more time? You're not alone! You should host a prom-themed party where everyone dresses in their prom outfits. Get some good food and bomb decorations and reminisce about your prom night—or plan your ultimate prom if you haven't gone yet!

7. Spa Party


Every girl needs a little pampering. Why not pamper yourself surrounded by your closest friends? Paint your nails, exfoliate and do your makeup. And don't forget the the DIY face mask!

8. Sweet Treat Party


Candy 'n’ cake 'n’ cookies, oh my! Fill your party venue with everyone’s favorite sweet treats and go to town. Just be sure to have some Tums on deck in case of any stomach aches...

9. Book club party


GL girls love to read. So, why not turn your passion for reading into a fun activity with all your friends. First you';; want to decide on a book you and your friends want to read. After you read the book, you can discuss it around delicious snacks and book-related games. You could even dress up according to the theme of the book you read!

10. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

This party idea is great on a warm, sunny day. Set up some white tables and chairs in your backyard with Alice in Wonderland themed decorations. Then have everyone to dress up as their go-to character in the movie. Drink your tea and share a few laughs with your besties.

What kind of party will you throw next? 


by Joy Cato | 7/10/2018
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