10 things you *have* to have for your summer brunch party

Summer is all about relaxing and spending time with friends. What better way to do that then a party?! Brunch is the classiest and most fun way to bring all of your friends together. What could be better than delicious breakfast food and all your besties in one place! Read on for 10 must-haves for the perfect brunch. 

1. An Insta corner 
Everything is about Insta these days, make your party the talk of the town by creating an adorbs wall or corner for all of your guests to take their party pics. Pose away! #bestbrunchparty

2. Waffles and pancakes 
The epic debate of waffles or pancakes can create some friction at a brunch party, avoid this situation by having both! Now everybody will be happy, despite their opinions on which delicious item is better. 

3. Flowers 
The perfect decoration for any summer party is flowers. Put some of your fave flowers in a vase for a presh pop of color. 

4. An egg making station
Not everybody likes their eggs the same way, but they're a brunch essential. Create a station with all the ingredients needed for eggy creations and get crackin! 

5. Caffeine 
Brunch is half breakfast, and what is an absolute must for breakfast? Caffeine! Iced coffee or tea would be the perf beverage for a summer brunch. 

6. Something for everyone
Make sure all of your guests have something to eat. Double checking about dietary restrictions and allergies will make sure everybody has a blast at your brunch. 

7. Funny photos 
Print out a funny photo of each of your guests and have them use it as their place card. Funny and useful. 

8. Table games
Juuusstt in case the conversation dies down, put out some table games like truth or dare to keep your meal lively. 

9. Balloons 
What kind of party doesn’t have balloons?! Pick out your fave colors and bring out the balloons. Bonus: they’ll look super cute in all your Insta’s too. 

10. All of your besties
The best part of any party is having all of your friends there. Don’t forget to have tons of fun and laughs with your squad!

Waffles or pancakes? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 6/7/2018