How to throw the best birthday party *ever* for your leapling friend

There's plenty of things to celebrate in February: Valentine's Day, Black History Month, the release of Black Panther... (it's amazing, OK?). That's why Leap Year kids have it rough—they rarely get to celebrate their birthdays on their actual day of birth.

And, sure, having a birthday every four years is super unique, but it's also a little bittersweet. Celebrating it on alternate days rather than on February 29th just isn't the same sometimes.

So, if you have a friend or sib who can't celebrate their birthday on the actual day, help them feel special by throwing them the ultimate leapling birthday with some close friends!

Here's what you'll need...

Let's start with a theme
Leap Day parties typically have a green, frog theme. You know, because frogs...leaping—get it? Now, you don't need to have the whole place filled with frogs (we're not trying to scare her!). Instead, make it fun by using green and pink pastel colors, and decorate the place with cute paper lily pads and flowers!

Cake time
Every birthday party needs a delicious cake. Make her feel special with these fun lily pad cupcakes. So cute!

Tack on some treats
Deck out the food table with all her favorite treats! Chocolate, candy, comfort finger foods and more. One way to tell whether you truly know your friend is if you know what their favorite foods are. 

Add some activities
Games are the perfect way to bring friends together to laugh and have fun. Try some Leap Day games like "Pin the Crown on the Frog" or musical chairs, but with lily pads instead of chairs! You can never go wrong with some classic board games either. If she's into DIYs, create cute flower crowns and have a fun photo shoot afterwards!

Does your birthday fall on a Leap Year? Or do you know anyone who has a Leap Year birthday? Share in the comments!


by Toyin Akinwande | 2/16/2019