How to party like a president over the long weekend


When it comes to throwing parties, some people are extremely good at going all out, especially for patriotic holidays like this weekend’s President's Day. Not to mention the creativity and planning that goes into it. Here are some of our favorite patrotic party picks that you can do this weekend, whether you're throwing a bash or just hanging out with the fam.

These cookies are totally worthy of the White House. And super easy to make. Unlike this next one...

Whoever created this cheese sculpture most likely spent *forever* shaping it perfectly and adding the texture. We don’t know about you but we would feel so bad digging in to that masterpiece.

Oh the puns! These food labels may not be the fanciest of décor but they are pure genius. Besides the Ulyssesses S. Ranch and Ruffle-ford Hayes puns above, the woman who organized this snack table also had Calvin Kool-Aide, next to a pitcher of the fruity drink, Barack-oli Obama, next to a veggie tray featuring broccoli, and William Howard Taffy next to a bowl of salt water taffy.

You know that weird white wig that you *always* see George Washington wearing paintings? Yeah, you can make them out of white yarn. Imagine the selfie opps!

Even past presidents can attend your soiree. All you have to do? Print out a similar pic, then cut and glue tiny party hats for each.

Talk about amaze selfie props...this one will make for some hilarious Snapchats.

And one more for the best pictures *ever*. Now you really can be president for a day. 

Last but not least, whip up this red, white and blue popcorn for a sweet snack before you head back to school on Tuesday. 

How are you celebrating President's Day? Sound off in the comments!


by Maddie Smith | 2/17/2017