10 ways to have the *best* long weekend


When it comes to catching up on sleep and getting a break from homework, long weekends are the best. But, do you ever find yourself out of ideas and bored with all of your extra time? Luckily for you, GL has got you covered with some of our favorite ways to stay busy during the upcoming three-day weekend (or the next time you find yourself snowed in!). 

1. Meet up with friends for a movie marathon.

Curl up, relax, and watch a ton of your favorite movies. You could go with a series and watch all eight of the Harry Potter flicks or you could switch it up with a bunch of old classics. 

2. Sign up for a 5K.

Time to take it outdoors. There are a ton of 5Ks out there for you and your friends to sign up for. Some of them go to a great cause and others even have fun themes like The Color Run where they throw a rainbow of colors onto you. Turns out running *can* be fun.

3. Plan a Valentine’s Day party.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your next epic bash. Whether it’s a cute couples party or one to celebrate the day with all your single gals, bake some heart-shaped cookies and pick out your favorite love stories to celebrate V-day this year. 

4. Make a scrapbook.

Not only is scrapbooking a super fun project, it’s the best way to remember your favorite day or a special loved one. Go to the craft store and print out your favorite photos, then get creative.

5. Brew hot chocolate with your friends before binge-watching a Netflix show.

This winter is the perfect time to start watching your favorite new show. But before you do that, try one of the spectacular hot chocolate recipes you can find, like this one that is simply magical!

6. Have a board game tournament. 

Maybe you can actually finish that ongoing game of Monopoly that you and your fam have been playing forever. Devote some time and get yourself wrapped up in a fun game that you haven’t played for a while. 

7. Enjoy a snow day.

If there's snow on the ground, treat it like a snow day (even if it's the weekend). Ice skating, skiing and snowboarding are the best ways take advantage of the snow. Or maybe just going outside to build a snowman before getting back under that blanket. 

8. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

It’s a long weekend, so you finally have time to complete that giant puzzle you have had sitting up in your closet for a while now. Get a few friends to help you outyou will be so satisfied when the puzzle is complete. 

9. Decorate your room with a winter theme.

Grab your scissors and white paper and make snowflakes. Hanging your totally unique and pretty snowflakes on your walls and ceilings is a great way to celebrate winter and add an instant upgrade to your room.

10. Make s’mores.

Ahhh, the best winter snack. Get a bunch of your friends to come over, bundle up, start a bonfire and make delicious s’mores while you try to stay warm.

What are your favorite things to do on a long weekend? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Instagram.


by Emily Mullin | 1/11/2017