3 awesome games to play at your holiday party


It’s finally the holiday season! That means it’s time to start planning a Christmas extravaganza for all your friends and family. No holiday party is complete without delicious food, Christmas carols playing in the back ground and, of course, a few great party games to really get everyone involved in the fun. Here are three easy-to-plan, Christmas-themed party games that will get your guests laughing and having the best time *ever*.

Saran Wrap Ball

You’ll need:

Gifts (Nothing breakable or super heavy. Think candy, a Rudolph nose, a gift card, etc.)
Saran wrap


1. Wrap all your gifts into one big saran wrap ball before your party (click here for a more in-depth tutorial)

2. Have your guests sit in a circle on the ground or stand around a table. One person gets the ball and the person next to them gets the dice (it doesn’t matter if the person is to the left or right)

3. One starts unwrapping the ball while the other starts rolling the dice to try and get doubles. Whatever the person unwraps, they get to keep.

4. Once doubles are rolled, the ball gets passed to the roller and the dice get passed to the next person. Continue passing the ball around the circle until the entire ball has been unwrapped.

Stocking Guessing Game

You’ll need:

Stocking stuffers (the more oddly shaped, the better)
Ribbon or string
Paper and pencils/pens


1. Before the party, stuff the stocking with the gifts and then use the ribbon or string to tie it closed so no one can see inside.

2. Give all your guests paper and something to write with, and then pass around the stocking so they can try and feel what’s inside. Have them write down their guesses.

3. The person with the most correct guesses wins the stocking.

Ornament on a Spoon

You’ll need:

Ornaments (plastic so they don’t break if dropped)
Cones (optional)


1. Have guests divide themselves into teams and give each team an ornament and everyone a spoon.

2. For each team, set up two cones (or whatever markers you're using) apart from each other.

3. The first person must balance their ornament on the spoon as they walk around the farthest cone and back. If they drop it, they have to start over at the beginning.

4. They must then pass the ornament to the next team member without using their hands. Again, if they drop it they have to start over.

5. The first team to complete the relay by passing their ornament to the first person who went, wins. 

What’s your favorite party game? Let us know in the comments below!


by Maddie Smith | 11/30/2016