Bizaardvark besties Madison + Olivia spill their sleepover secrets

If you follow GL on Snapchat (girlslifemagGL) or Instagram, you probably saw that dynamic duo Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo, stars of the awesome new Disney show, Bizaardvark, shared their jam-packed, super fun Saturday with us. During their takeover, Olivia and Madison traipsed around Beautycon LA, picking up swag left and right, and then shared secrets to the perf sleepover. We have even more deets to spill with you now, just in time for the weekend!

Essential to any sleepover are food, movies and activities. For tasty noms, Olivia loves indulging in a good pie, saying, “We could eat pizza for every meal of the day.” As for picking a good flick, Madison spills, “We love classics, adventures, and movies that make us laugh.” Read on for more Olivia and Madison’s sleepover musts!

1. Shopping Spree

“We love to walk to nearby stores and try on clothes. It’s fun to swap outfits in the dressing room," Olivia says. So go ahead and hit the mall–have fun experimenting with a new look!

2. Makeover Time

Playing around with makeup in fearless and fun ways is the best activity for a night-in. Madison says the key to the right look is the eyebrows–gotta get 'em on fleek!

3. Tune in to YouTube

Craft a playlist and binge-watch the latest viral vids and trending YouTubers for a LOL-filled night.

4. Get Crafty

DIYing is a great way to bond with your bestie and have awesome mementos to take home from your super sleepover. Turns out that Madison and Olivia are amaze DIY-ers. Recently, they decorated their own phone cases using clips from magazines. "They look great and they’re totally original,” the duo shared.

5. Sing Loud and Proud

Nothing beats a sing-off or karaoke sesh with your fave tunes. Olivia admits that “sometimes we sing at the top of our lungs and try to sound bad on purpose. Our poor neighbors!”

6. Grab a Slice.

Order delivery pizza or make your own for the perfect cheesy dinner!

7. Film Fest

A movie marathon is a staple for any good sleepover. Psst: peek below for Olivia and Madison’s top three movie picks!

8. Bake Tasty Treats

Whip up a batch of cupcakes or brownies and don’t be afraid to try some crazy concoctions. Olivia says, “Sometimes we use a recipe and sometimes we don’t. Our creations are usually edible."

9. Make a Splash

“Madison is a very good swimmer. We like to race. I always get a head start but she still usually wins!" Olivia shared. For a little fun in the sun, suit up and hit the pool.

10. Have a Selfie Session

According to Madison, “There is always time for selfies with your BFF at a sleepover.” Go crazy with the selfies, then print out the best pics so you'll always remember the amazing time you had!

You *need* to make this creamy, dreamy recipe at your next summer sleepover!

Oliva and Madison's Ice Cream Surprise


Any chocolate candy with caramel in the middle (Twix)

2 cups cold heavy whipping cream

¼ cup of cold condensed milk



Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks. Add the condensed milk and whip again until the peaks form again. Fold in the chocolate and sprinkles carefully so you don’t break the peaks. Put the entire bowl in the freezer until solid. Then, enjoy! Don't forget to post a pic on Instagram and Twitter and tag Girls' Life so we can see your creations.

Wanna know what Madison and Olivia watch during their sleepovers?

1. Any and all of the Harry Potter movies because as Madison explains, “they’re original and transport you into the world of the movie.”

2. Olivia’s pick is The Truman Show. "It makes you question the world in which we live.”

3. Why does Madison love Roman Holiday so much? “Audrey Hepburn… enough said!”

Will you be using any of Madison and Olivia's tips during your next sleepover? Let us know in the comments below!


by Morgan Ome | 7/14/2016