Mother's Day gifts for the other moms in your life

Mother’s Day is coming up, and we know you’ve already given lots of thought to what you’re getting for your mom. But what about all the other important moms in your life? Say...your BFF’s mom or the mom of that little boy that you babysit? Never fear, we have lots of idea for fun gifts to give all the moms in your life who aren’t your *actual* mom.

For your grandma


Hearts Full of Love Collection
Grandma will love a custom pillow, mug or tote bag with the names of all her grandchildren on it. Snag it here for $13-$30.

For your BFF’s mom

Wonder Woman Apron
Your best friend’s mom is seriously a superhero, so give her this fun apron that she can wear while whipping up snacks for your late night study seshes. Snag it here for $13.

For your aunt


Bouquet Bath Truffles
Your aunt can relax in the bath after a long day, and you can bet she'll be thinking about how appreciative she is of her niece. Snag it here for $18.

For your favorite teacher


Secret Garden Coloring Book
Being a teacher is tough—they have to look after more kids than anyone. Your teach will love this pretty coloring book to help relieve stress or just pass the time during tests. Snag it here for $10.

For the mom you babysit for


Q&A a Day for Moms Journal
With her busy schedule and keeping up with the little one, the young mom in your neighborhood probably has trouble finding time to reflect. This one-line-a-day journal can help keep her center. Snag it here for $17.

For your coach


S’well Water Bottle
She works so hard getting your team into shape that it’s only fair to treat her to something special. This insulated water bottle helps to stay hydrated while she’s instructing you. Snag it here for $25.

How do you celebrate all the special women in your life?


by Deanna Schwartz | 5/5/2016