These are the 10 coolest pool floats, like, ever

With summer fun comes the age-old question: If no one takes a pic of you lounging in your super cute floatie, did the pool party really happen? (No. The answer is no.) To help you amp up your social media game this season, we rounded up the most Insta-worthy inflatables out there. Get ready to splish 'n' splash the day away. 
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    Sugary Sweet

    Don’t ya wanna take a bite?

    Gigantic 4' Donut Pool Float $22,


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    Shay’s fave

    She may be a pretty good liar, but Shay's definitely not afraid to show how much she totally hearts this swan float.

    Inflatable Ride-On Giant Swan, $33,

    Pinned by Abby Ruth

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    Stay salty

    Instead of taking a dip in the salty sea waves, we decided to bring the sodium chloride to the pool with this adorable pretzel.

    Giant Pretzel Pool Float, $21,


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    The best slice

    Pizza has officially been added to our pool party menu.

    Pizza Slice Pool Float, $55,

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    The ultimate ice cream sandwich

    Did someone say ice cream? Lounge around all day on this mouth-watering float.

    Big Mouth Gigantic Ice Cream Sand, $23,


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    Rockin’ flamingo

    Make waves ~literally~ with this ultra-fab flamingo! 

    Flamingo Pool Float, $30,


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    All smiles

    We can’t decide if we're smiling because it’s finally summer or because of this happy lil float.

    Smiley Face Fun Island, $30,

    Pinned by Anyssa Campbell 

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    2 Cute 4 Words

    Adorableness overload! If only there was a way for us to order the happy pup *and* the turtle. Sigh.

    Giant Inflatable Turtle Ride-On, $28,


    Pinned by Mary Deckert

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    Citrus a-peel

    These lemon floats are our main squeezes.  

    Fruit Slice Inflatable Island, $30,


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    All-star lineup

    Do we want fries with that? Duh.

    Ice Cream Cone Inflatable, $8,

    Burger Inflatable, $35,

    French Fry Inflatable with Donut Package, $4,

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by Rachel Dooley and Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016