Fun, Artsy Photo Frames!

Sigh. Sick of the same ol' plain bedroom walls staring back at ya, but mom and pop say you can't wallpaper or paint 'em? Well, picture this: you can jazz up your bedroom in minutes with simple and funky photo frames.

What You'll Need:

Wooden photo frames in 5" x 7" (try Ikea!)
Swatches of your favorite fabric. Think: scarves, pillow cases, or wallpaper, and make sure that they are larger than your frame.

What You'll Do:

1. Using the frame as a template, cut the fabric swatch to the size of the cardboard inside of your photo frame.
2. Staple the edges of the fabric swatch to the back of the cardboard, completely covering one side of the cardboard with the fabric.
3. Slip the cardboard back into the frame and close it up. Hang on your wall in groupings. Try mismatched colors and patterns for a funky look.

-Annemarie Dooling


5/28/2009 8:00:00 AM