Hey, gals! Do you ever have moments where you just want to give your mom a gigantic hug and tell her you love her? Well, Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's time to let her know just how great she is! Our mamas do so much for us, so give your mom a break and let her know you care. Here are some great ideas to give your leading lady big props!

Cutesy Coupons

One super easy and fun idea is to make a coupon book for your madre! Cut a piece of white or lined piece of paper into thirds. On each piece write one nice thing you can do for your mom. What to give her coupons for? Try extra chores or pampering stuff you could do for mama, like – "Good for a half an hour of gardening and planting flowers", "Good for a fab French Toast breakfast in bread," or "Good for one night of babysitting for free." Be sure to use different colored markers and maybe even draw illustrations to make the coupons look extra cute!

Fab Frames

Are you an awesome painter or aspiring photographer? Your mom will totally love a hand painted frame to put some pics in. Go to your local art store to get a plain wooden frame and make sure you have tons of acrylic paints, some funky nail polish to fab, buttons, fabric scraps, gems or other cute trinkets to fab up your frame. If you wanna get super fancy buy little decorations like letters that spell out things like "#1 MOM."  Add a pic of you and your mama or you and your sibs. She'll love it!

Delish Dining

Another idea your mom will totally L-O-V-E is to let her have off for the night from cooking. Plan a delish dinner for the whole fam on Mother's Day! Ask you dad to help with the grocery shopping and using the oven. Mama will totally appreciate being able to sit back, relax and have dinner made for her for once! Get some easy-peasy recipes RIGHT HERE and HERE!

Babysitting Babe

If you have younger siblings, offer to babysit for the night. Let your mom go out on a nice dinner and see a movie. She'll love not having to worry about anything and just have a few hours to herself!

Soulfully Simple

Don't forget that even a simple homemade card will make your madre feel super special. Add something that's meaningful to a poem you came up with, or a quote that says how you feel about her or maybe there's a picture you took for photography that she loves. Write her a li'l list of reasons telling her why you think she's the best mom ever. Make your card oh-so-unique and your mama is sure to be impressed!

-Lauren DeMarzo
BLOG IT OUT! What are you doing for your mama this Mother's Day? Baking her a batch of brownies? Creating a cool personalized card? Doing some extra chores? TELL US NOW!


5/2/2009 7:00:00 AM