Celebrate Earth Day in a big way by turning your family's unwanted trash into treasures! Instead of throwing some of your ol' stuff out, give Mama Earth big ups by creating a place for plants to thrive, a resting spot for li'l birdies or your very own edible garden.

Flavor In a Can

What You'll Need:

Tin cans from fruit and veggies
Herb seeds
1 cup of soil per can

What You'll Do:

1. Clean out each tin can very well with soap and water.
2. Fill the cans half way with soil
3. Dig a tiny hole with your fingertips and press the herb seeds gently into it.
4. Place the tins near lots of sunlight and water them when the soil is dry.

A Home For the Birds

What You'll Need:

1 plastic milk container
Bird seed

What You'll Do:

1. Clean the milk container out with soap and water
2. Start from the middle and cut across the front and up to the top, making a U-shaped opening in the container.
3. Fill the bottom of the container with bird seed and attach a string to the top so the bird house can hang from a nearby tree.

Eco-System in a Bottle

What You'll Need:

Plastic soda bottles
Pre-planted cactus's or other very small pre-planted plants from the nursery and gardening store
Extra soil
A handful of pebbles
One or two sheets of moss

What You'll Do:

1. Cut your soda bottle in half so you have two pieces.
2. Fill the bottom half with pebbles, then moss, then a little potting soil.
3. Place your cactus into the soil, including the soil that came with it.
4. Dig it in really good and place a few extra pebbles on the top layer.
5. Put the top of the bottle back on, pushing it to the edges slide into the bottom half.
6. Leave your terrarium near sunlight – but not direct sunlight since the plant inside the bottle can get very hot!

-Annemarie Dooling


4/22/2009 8:00:00 AM