5 DIY Halloween costumes inspired by your fave influential women

Picture this: It's Halloween Eve, and you're rifling through your closet looking for the perfect last-minute costume. You could be a cat, a ghost or a vampire. But tbh, you've been there, done that.

We're here to remind you of the most amazing part of Halloween: You can be anyone you want on Oct. 31. So why wouldn't you dress up as your favorite leading lady? (After all, what's scarier than a girl who means business?) 

Rather than spending a chunk of your allowance on expensive costumes, all of these costume ideas are budget-friendly and could easily be built via a trip to the thrift store!

(P.S. We hope we don't have to say this, but remember to be mindful and respectful of other cultures when dressing up.) 

Rosie the Riveter

One of the most well-known depictions of working women during World War II, Rosie the Riveter was an incredible inspiration to women across the country. While the IRL inspiration for Rosie has long been debated, we know she was inspired by a hardworking woman, most likely in the aviation industry.

All you need is a bandana (polka-dotted if possible) and a denim shirt. Pull the sleeves up to your bicep and show off your feminine strength!

A member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Any sporty girls here? Did you know that over 600 women played baseball from 1943-1954? As men were rapidly drafted into WWII, the minor leagues began to disband. These women were selected to play baseball for a league with a peak attendance of 900,000 spectators. The hundreds of women are an amazing inspiration to every girl who has felt excluded in male-dominated sports.

Simply peep the movie A League of Their Own for inspo: A pink dress, red belt, hat, socks and a baseball bat is the perfect recipe for looking like these incredible athletes. 

Serena or Venus Williams


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These iconic sisters are a modern-day inspiration for all of our sports girlies. Not only have they repeatedly challenged racial, sexist and maternal barriers, but they've also approached tough matches with incredible determination.

This is an easy one to DIY: A tennis skirt, sweat bands and tennis racket. Game, set, match!

Dr. Jane Goodall

This amazing woman immersed herself in the life of chimpanzees. You heard that right: Dr. Jane Goodall spent close to 60 years of her life working to protect chimpanzees from extinction. She reinvented the way humans see these intelligent creatures.

As Dr. Jane Goodall worked heavily in the field, she oftentimes wore a beige or green button-up with similarly colored pants or shorts. Throw a safari hat on and grab your childhood stuffed monkey. 

Frida Kahlo


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Frida Kahlo was not only an amazing artist, but she was also politically active, associating herself with the Young Communist League and the Mexican Communist Party. She faced a lot of illness over her lifetime, but she never let it hold her back. Her political and artistic impact is one we won't forget. (IYCMI, Frida even inspired the 1970s feminist movement.)

Always adorned with a flower crown, Frida's look is instantly recognizable. Hold onto a paintbrush and you'll def get recognized as this awesome artist.

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by Karigan Wright | 10/31/2023