How to design the cutest camp necklaces and bracelets

Post-camp depression is *all* too real. With school right around the corner, we're packing up our lanyards and saying goodbye to our summer besties. Whether you spent your summer as a camper, a counselor or you're just feeling nostalgic for those good ol' camp days, these DIY camp necklaces will make you feel like you're back in the bunk. 

DIY bead necklaces

Stop by your fave local art store (Michaels, anyone?) and pick up some colorful beads and string. Stay on-trend by grabbing fun shapes like flowers, hearts and smiley faces and get creative coming up with your one-of-a-kind patterns—just like at arts and crafts at camp. Another fun tip is to get some letter beads and spell out your name, star sign or a fun BFF phrase. Want to make it more camp-specific? String on your camp name or bunk number. Warning: there *might* be tears.

Lanyard (or gimp)

Whether you call it lanyard or gimp, nothing will take you back to your summer camp days quite like these stretchy, colorful string bracelets. Pick up spools of this plastic thread and make colorful bracelets and necklaces by weaving the strings together. Need inspo? Check out an online tutorial for making a box stitch, the zipper and the cobra. If that's still too complicated, the lanyard still looks cool *even* if you simply braid it. If you're missing camp a little extra, try doing your camp colors!

The *classic* camp string bracelet

We *all* saw this one coming. If you didn't come home with your wrists lined with string bracelets, did you even go to camp? If you were the go-to bracelet maker for your besties, I'd suggest making an organized box of all of your favorite string colors. Style tip: these look *amazing* stacked and layered in between gold or silver bracelets. 



Chainmaille is the DIY version of the trendy metal jewelry we know and love. You can buy chainmaille cuffs and pliers online, and these bracelets are super easy to make. Although they might not be your traditional string creation, the metallic colors add a shiny pop to any outfit, so get on these ASAP.


Hopefully, with these DIY jewelry tips, you'll be reliving your camp days well into fall semester. Camp chic is *totally* in this year.

For more DIY tips, check out @girlslifemag on Insta!

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by Chloe Hechter | 8/13/2021