This DIY knit blanket is sooo cozy

Who doesn't love to cozy up with a comfy blanket in the wintertime!? Chunky knit blankets are trending right now, and we totally understand why. This DIY is super fun and easy, and you'll have the *perfect* blanket just in time for the winter season. 

First, you need to get the right yarn. This blanket requires yarn that is extra thick or "chunky." It should be available wherever you would normally get yarn or other crafts supplies, like Michael's or Walmart. The only other tool you'll need are your hands! You can, of course, track down a pair of giant knitting needles and make the blanket that way, but we think using your hands is simpler, quicker, and twice as fun. Let's get to knitting!

This first tutorial is a little like braiding. All you have to do is weave the yarn through itself in loops until you get to the desired length for your blanket. Watch below:

The second method of creating this blanket with your hands involves a technique called "arm knitting." It's very similar to the first method, but the blanket is made on your arms instead of on a table or floor. Watch below:

Happy knitting!

Have you tried to make your own chunky knit blanket at home? Send us your pics or tag us on Insta to get featured!

by Maya Valmon | 11/30/2020