How to start a *perfect* fairy garden

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Perhaps you've always been interested in fairy lore. The faint rustle of a creek and the tingling sound of bells makes your heart skip a beat. For pixie lovers, a fairy garden is the *perfect* DIY to bring a little bit of magic to your home. Here are some easy steps to make your very own fairy garden! 

Pick a location for your fairy garden:

When creating a fairy dreamland, it's important to find a movable container to put your enchanting fairy home. There are *tons* of perfect places for a magical fairy haven. Maybe you want to put your fairy garden in an old vintage suitcase, a little metal tub, a chest-box, a lovely basket or a planting pot. Here are some fabulous locations!

Try out a Terrarium

You may already have a terrarium (or other glass container) in your house, so why not spruce it up to make this adorable fairy garden? Check out this awesome video which shows you how to make the *ultimate* terrarium garden. 

Tea-cup garden:

If you want a mini-garden for fairies to chill in, try this easy fairy teacup DIY. The little craft gives oh-so-sweet tea party vibes and doesn't take up much space in your house. Watch this video with all the deets on making a cute tea cup garden. 

Garden in a pot:

If you want to set a fairy garden outside, you can use a pot and find the ideal location in your backyard or patio. This Alice in Wonderland fairy garden tutorial adds a cool twist to the potted fairy garden!

A touch of greenery

After finding the ideal spot for the garden, put in some soil, choose a plant from a local nursery, moss from Amazon and pebbles from your backyard to *really* make this garden feel like home to the nature-loving fairies. You can plant directly into the soil or insert a potted plant into the container. If you prefer, you can use a fake plant and change it depending on the season. Read up on the best plants for *your* fairy garden and check out this vid for specifics on planting. 

Now that you have the foundation and greenery, the most creative part of the fairy garden begins! Time to look for little fairy-esque trinkets that would be fit for a fairy tale. From pencils to buttons, tons of household items can be transformed into fairy garden necessities. Check out boxes with doll furniture or look for broken (and beloved) old jewelry that you can transform into fairy house decor.

Create the house and decor

Browse online for some adorable fairy furniture and cottages to take your fairy garden to the next level. 

         This sweet little cottage from Wayfair glows inside and is the perfect place for both fairies and their friends to hang out in. 

This *huge* kit from Etsy is filled with every little belonging your fairy needs, from a small watering can to dinner-table items. 

Build a fairy community

What's a fairy garden without....the fairies? Perhaps you have some favorite childhood figurines that you can add to the garden—or a few gnomes. For more fairy friends, check out this lovely figurine set from Amazon. 


Now that you have the tips, it's time to start your very own fairy garden! Let us know how it goes on Twitter @girlslifemag.


by Camille Campbell | 1/4/2021