These DIYs will make your paper clips #goals


When it comes it DIYing your school supplies, you think you've got it all covered—your notebooks, your pencil case, your locker decor. But you're probably missing one *key* item: your paper clips! They might be tiny but sometimes it's the little details that add the most flair. Follow these DIYs to pretty up your paper clips and make even the most boring homework assignment a little bit more fun.

Ribbon Paper Clips
Use up any scraps you have laying around by tying them onto your clips. The more variety, the better. 

Bow Paper Clips
Felt + hot glue + a little patience = these super girly supplies

Pom Pom Paper Clips
Stick a pom pom on *anything* and it's instantly adorable. 

Paper Clip Flags
Washi tape strikes again—pick your fave prints and patterns to make these cute clips

Tassel Paper Clips
These colorful clips (inspired by the ones from!) are *so* chic and *so* trendy.  

Cut-out Paper Clips
Real talk: You can make *anything* into a paper clip. All you have to do? Cut out a shape, use stickers, decorate fabric, etc. Then glue them onto your clip and voila. 

Heart Paper Clips
Who says you have to keep your clips in their usual shape? Mix things up by bending them into hearts. 

Have you ever made your own paper clips? Share below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 8/25/2017
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