Never lose your phone charger again with this glittery DIY

Let's be honest: Our phone chargers are basically our lifelines. Keeping an extra cord stashed in your backpack is an absolute must. We've all had that moment where in an act of kindess we lend our charger to a friend and midway through dinner you realize that you never got it back...and now you aren't sure if the one she's using is hers or yours. Ugh. But with a little glitter and creativity, customizing your charger can help to avoid a world of confusion *and* make your cord way cuter.

You'll need:

- Mod Podge
- Glitter
- Paint brush
- Clear nail polish


1. Tape the metal parts of the charger for protection.

2. Paint on Mod Podge with paintbrush.

3. Shake glitter over the wet areas. Let dry.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Let dry.

5. Seal with clear fingernail polish. Let dry completely.

 Are you the customizing queen? Tell us how you upgrade your life in the comments below!

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Tutorial credit: LoveFeast Table.


by Karlyn Sykes | 5/20/2017