GL CRAFTS: Big Pink Flower

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Your creativity can go above and beyond what you wear. Leonie Pujol’s Twenty to Make: Artist Trading Cards can show you how to make cool cards out of wallpaper, ribbon and other materials you can find right in your own home. With these fun eclectic designs, you’ll have a collection of trading cards that showcase what you love. Grab a group of friends and start constructing these delightful treasures. Check out one of our absolute faves from the book below!

Big Pink Flower by Leonie Pujol

Striking Artist Trading Cards (ATC) can be made using decorative papers. Apart from those designed specifically for papercrafting, there are numerous other types of papers you can use such as wallpaper, sweet wrappers, and labels from jars and bottles – simply use your imagination! On this page I have picked a variety of wallpapers as I love the different textures they offer and the wide array of colours and patterns available.


*Pink pearlescent card cut to 6.5 x 9cm (2 ½ x 3 ½ in)
*White textured wallpaper
*Friendship chipboard flowers (Creative Imaginations)
*Friends designer sticker PP01 (Melissa Frances)
*Iridescent glitter glue
*White ribbon
*Small 3D foam pads
*Double-sided tape
*White scrap card


*Paper trimmer


1. Trim down the piece of wallpaper so that it is slightly smaller than the ATC, and attach it to the ATC using double-sided tape.
2. Peel off the wavy line sticker from the sheet and trim it down to approximately 6cm (2 ¼ in) in length.  Wrap a piece of white ribbon around it and tie it in a bow.  Attach it to the left-hand side of the card (the sticker is self-adhesive).
3. Attach a chipboard flower to the top of the wavy line - I put small 3D foam pads on three of the petals to raise it off the surface.  Trim off any parts of the petals that overlap the edge of the card.
4. Peel off the ‘Friends’ tag and attach it to a small piece of white card.  Trim around this carefully to leave an even white border around the sticker.
5. Attach the tag to your card, tucking it just underneath the bow and sticking down with double-sided tape.
6. Complete the card using glitter glue applied to the centre of the flower.

5/1/2008 12:00:00 AM