GL CRAFTS: The Perf Beach Bag

It’s a beach bag… It’s a pillow… Stash your stuff and take a surfside snooze!

What You Need:

*Three washcloths
*Matching thread
*Pillow stuffing
*Patterned plastic tablecloth
*10 snaps
*Fleece material for strap

What You Do:
Pillow: Fold one washcloth in half. Sew up both ends, and turn it right side out. Stuff the washcloth with pillow stuffing until it is nice and firm, and then stitch along the top.

Pockets: Place other two washcloths on a table, and cut tablecloth (for lining) to the size of cloths. Pin plastic onto cloths, and sew through plastic to keep it in place. Fold cloths in half (plastic out), and sew along both ends. When finished, turn right side out.

Before attaching pockets, make a strap. Cut out three 40-inch strips of fleece, and braid, leaving 6 inches unbraided on each end. Sew ends of braided strip along both sides of the pillow. Next, sew four snaps on one side of pillow about 2 inches in from edges. Do the same on the other side of the cushion, and then line each pocket up to sew the other half of the snaps into place (don’t sew through your pocket).

To keep your beach bag closed, sew two snaps (3 inches in from the ends) on the inside rims of the outer flaps of your pockets. Now, you have somewhere to store your SPF and sunglasses and—when you get to the beach—a nice cushion to rest your head on!

-Christine Green

4/24/2008 12:00:00 AM