So you got stood up. Now what?


Picture this: Your crush *finally* asks you out on a study date after school or to hit up the basketball game with him. You spend the days before the date freaking out, Snapping your friends possible outfits, perfecting your totally-natural-but-casually-glam makeup look and practicing your best flirty smile.

Then, five minutes before your date is supposed to show, you get a text—"Can't make it, sorry :(" or worse, you wait twenty minutes before realizing they're just not going to show.

We're not going to lie—getting stood up is the WORST. But you can get over it. Below, check out our top tips for getting over the major disappointment and keeping your head held high.

1. Don't blame yourself.
Unless you kissed his or her BFF the day before you two were supposed to hit the movies, it is 100% not your fault that your crush ditched you, so don't even go there. They're the one that missed out on an opportunity to hang out with fabulous Y-O-U.

2. Don't freak out on them.
If you want to shoot him or her a quick "Where were you tonight?" text, we don't blame you. They could have a perfectly rational reason for missing the date, like a family emergency or a mix-up. But if their reasons for standing you up are seriously sketchy, resist the urge to lose it and blow up their phone/Facebook with angry messages. We can't stress this enough—getting stood up stinks, but it's their loss. You don't want to sacrifice your dignity and help them self-justify ditching you. 

3. Don't waste a good outfit.
You look fabulous, so call up your girls and hit the town running. Maybe you'll meet a new cutie who's worthy or your fabulousness.

4. Don't be awkward.
Probably the hardest rule of all. Odds are, you're going to see this person again…and you might even have to talk to them. But the best revenge is confidence. Greet them with a friendly hello and a big smile to show there are no hard feelings (even if there, um, are). If you know ahead of time you're going to see them, don that cool jacket or the dress that makes you feel like a million bucks. You'll be oozing "look what you're missing" vibes while focusing on what's actually important—yourself.

5. Don't forget to count your blessings!
Was this the first date? If so, consider yourself lucky—you're dodging a bullet with this sketchy potential BF/GF. What people do says a lot about who they are, and you don't want to spend your time with someone who would stand you up. If this wasn’t the first date and your paramour has no good explanation for his or her absence, then it's safe to say this should be the last time you two go out. No need to continue to try with someone who doesn't value you or your time.

Have you ever been stood up? How did you deal? Let us know below!

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by Montez Jennings and Kimberly Uslin | 3/3/2016