4 ways to cope when your crush has a GF

We can see your heart eyes from a mile away bb. Your secret hot shot has just entered the room and they are looking so good. Cue dramatic wind blowing and eye sparkles. Whoa, why are they walking into class today with someone else's hand in theirs? Umm, hold on, are they literally giving each other the googly eyes?! (Psst, pick up your jaw—you're going to make a scene girl.)

Crushing can bring a whirlwind of emotions, but when your heartthrob has got their heart set on someone else, it can be pretty devastating. Wipe those tears babe: We've got 4 ways to cope when your crush has found some S.O. arm candy.

Yes, talking it out does really work 


Right now, the last thing you probably want to hear is that talking to your besties or someone you're close with will help your love dilemma. As annoying as it is to hear, when things don't go our way, it's helpful to have someone validate our feelings. Having your girls back you up and reassure you that you are the "it" girl no matter what your crush may be doing can give you that extra boost of confidence to get through anything.

New hobby, new you


Distractions are going to be your best friend (bc we just know your routine rn includes obsessing over your crush.) Trying out a new hobby will totally help you get your mind focused on something else and even add a fun extra step in your daily routine. A hobby doesn't have to be a big activity: It can be something small like making yourself a coffee in the morning or going on a drive to your fave store. After all, doing things you truly enjoy isn't just a distraction, but a reminder that your happiness exists in the smallest of things—things that don't rely on having a crush.

Limit your social media interactions

So maybe you've been stalking their Insta a little, but tbh, you have to ask yourself, is this helping or hurting you? Checking up to see how your crush is doing can be great as long as your intentions are too. If you're constantly on social media just to cringe every time you see your crush and their S.O. together, we suggest limiting your interactions with them online. This can be as simple as leaving their account alone or even unfollowing them if you need to.

Set boundaries for future you


At the end of the day, turning your feelings off with a switch isn't going to happen, but seriously, someone as ah-mazing as you shouldn't be hung up on someone who isn't on the same page.

If your crush has a bae, you probably aren't the priority to them, and you *so* deserve to be with someone who puts you as #1 on their love list. Setting boundaries for yourself will make sure you can not only take on another crush in the future, but prepare you if you fall into this situation again. Boundaries can look like affirmations to remind yourself of your worth (we suggest post-it notes to put on your mirror), or just making a mental reminder that you deserve love from someone who has no trouble choosing you first.

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by Annika Chaves | 8/4/2023