How to keep the text convo going with your crush

You've finally made it: You're texting your crush. And whether you're the sender or the receiver of the long-awaited message, you want to do everything you can to keep the convo going. Are your thumbs doing that awkward not-sure-what-to-type dance around your screen? We've got you, girl. 

When they ask about the potential pop quiz...

Them: Hi do u think we'll have a quiz in chem tomorrow?
You: Ew probably...what did we even do in class today? That lab was kinda weird...

Why it works: Referencing something from class that you both experienced will allow you to talk about something you have in common. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a topic you're both confused about and work through it together, either by staying in the texting spree or upgrading to a FaceTime or in-person meeting before class. 

When they need homework help...

Them: What did you get for #14 on math?
You: I got 12.3. I had soccer practice after school so I just finished the problems like 5 min ago oops

Why it works: You provided math help, but you also slid in a personal detail. Now, your crush has the opportunity to respond in two ways: 1) They'll ask about soccer, or 2) They'll tell you about what they did after school. Can't you just *feel* the ice breaking?!

When they ask about your plans...

Them: Are u going to the fair this weekend?
You: I haven't decided yet! I was waiting to see if anyone else was going

Why it works: This exchange is an upgrade from the "Yeah! Are you?" reply that can drive your convo into the ground. Instead of directly asking if your crush will be there, leaving it open-ended will help your conversation go deeper. It gives your crush the opportunity to say, "I'll be there, you should come!" instead of just "Yeah I'm going." From there, you can talk about what things there will be to do, if any of your friends are going and what they're bringing with them.

When they ask about the football game...

Them: Will I see you in the student section on Friday?
You: Yes! I've had to babysit every Friday so this is my first game of the season and I'm so excited

Why it works: Just like the homework help scenario, you're able to answer the question but also introduce a new topic. Maybe your crush has younger siblings and can commiserate with you about the struggles of controlling little kids, or also babysits and has some pro tips they've gained. Don't forget to circle back later in the convo to make plans to meet up at some point during the game.

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by Riley Yates | 10/16/2022