You Wrote It

An original poem: "Simply Being Me" by a GL reader

Hey darlings! An anonymous GL reader wrote this inspiring poem called "Simply Being Me." Take a peek and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Others call me odd,
Stark in contrast to the sea.
But I see myself individualized
Simply being me.

People judge, nothing sure as that.
Scrutinizing you with their looks.
Well, they have me pinioned, it seems
As I casually read my books.

Girls are stereotyped too often,
Pieced with crushes and pink.
But then what am I to that thought?
We are more different than you think.

I may be peculiar in some ways,
What with my sailor slang,
Bizzare interests,
My words exploding with a bang.

The point I wish to get across,
Is that we are all unusual
All contrasting with the "normal" sea.
Each our own precious jewel.

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by GL Reader | 2/14/2018