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CHECK IT OUT! Welcome To The World of Bella Sara

Magical horses, faraway lands and thrilling adventures. That pretty much sums up this beautiful new book series called Bella Sara.

If Bella Sara sounds familiar, that’s probably not surprising. There’s a popular website (, a collection of fun trading cards and a Bella Sara DS and PC game. But now the World of Bella Sara has come to life in the first four books of this new series, all out now.

Bella’s Gift, the first book in the series, is the tale of how this majestic mare and her magical horse pals rescue an imprisoned girl from Styginmoor castle.

Valkrist’s Flight introduces this magical winged steed as he helps a farm girl discover that her dreams about magical horses might be more real than she ever imagined.


Jewel’s Magic tells the story of this wise and graceful horse as she guides a young girl on a dangerous quest to find ancient treasure.


Nike’s Great Race is the adventure of Nike, who helps a young girl fulfill her dream of competing in the annual flying horse races.

And, good news Bella Sara fans, two more Bella Sara books will be released this spring, Fiery Fiona and Thunder’s Courage.

Bonus! In each Bella Sara book, you get a secret code to use online to unlock more exciting games and features!

Check it all out or order your own collection of the Bella Sara books by CLICKING HERE.
1/9/2009 10:35:00 AM