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These tips will level up your Bookstagram account

Ready to level up your Bookstagram? Or just stuck on how to kickstart your account? You've come to the right place! Whether you've been building a following for years or you're new to posting about everything reading-related, these tips will help you glow up your bookish social media game.

1. Engage with other bookish accounts


Don't *just* follow other people in the book community: Engage with other creators by leaving comments on their posts, collaborating with them and joining in on challenges you're tagged in.

You can share your thoughts on a book, work together with another Bookstagrammer to create themed photo collections or even participate in IG story photo prompts. Making connections through comments is also an amazing way to find online friends and have your Bookstagram feel like a cozy online book club.

2. Keep up with fresh releases


Staying up-to-date with the latest releases can help you feel more connected to the community. Share your excitement about upcoming books, and don't forget to ask your followers about their most anticipated reads, too! Staying in the know adds an extra layer of relevance to your feed, trust.

3. Use stories and other Insta features

Using all the features that Instagram has to offer is a fab way to boost your page. For instance, you can post your reading reactions to your stories, create reels to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your reading life, host polls or post Q's asking for book recs. Reels can add a personalized touch to your content, and they are known to reach a wider audience (!).

4. Get crafty with your posts


Book stacks and cute props can make for aesthetic pics, but why not add extra creative flair? Using editing apps like Canva and Picsart is a fun way to play with filters, text and graphics.

Adding personalized doodles is also an amaze way to make your posts stand out, and including handwritten notes is sure give your pics that adorable collage vibe. 

5. Don't feel pressured to post


Having a bBookstagram account is meant to be a fun experience, but it's easy to feel pressured to stick to a strict reading or posting schedule. Remember: Your Bookstagram account is all about Y-O-U.

Post pics that you like when inspiration strikes, rather than force yourself to have new content lined up each day. Don't stress about making every post an elaborate edit either—sometimes the best post is just a simple pic of a book, or even a funny meme that expresses how a read is making you feel. At the end of the day, just be sure that *you* heart your content. 

6. Be yourself and have fun


Having a Bookstagram account is all about making reading even more fun and being a part of a friendly community of fellow book lovers. It's an opportunity for you to share the books you enjoy and let your inner bookworm shine. And tbh, as long as your Bookstagram account is bringing you joy, you're doing amazing.

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by Maggie Salter and Catherine Wang | 2/24/2024