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We found the best book to match your rockin' holiday break plans

New winter break plans just dropped! Here's a hint: They involve snuggling up with your coziest blanket, a cup of cocoa and a brand new read. 

These titles make fab gifts for any bookworm in your life—or the perfect prezzie for yours truly (because you definitely deserve a little holiday treat).

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You're spending winter break: Bingeing the Twilight movies

Read: Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

Dark, mysterious romance is as swoon-worthy on the page as it is on the screen. Evangeline Fox has always believed in true love—and her world nearly collapses when she learns that the love of her life will marry another. In this fantastical, romantic tale, how far will she go for happily ever after?

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You're spending winter break: Embarking on a chilly hiking adventure

Read: Catching Air by Gina Moore

Buckle up, thrill-seekers! Middle-schooler Megan has a lot to learn about competitive mountain biking—especially if she wants to win the Junior Cup Championship. Will she have what it takes to rise to the challenge and cross the finish line?

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You're spending winter break: Hitting the bookstore for some last-minute gift shopping 

Read: To Kill a Shadow by Katherine Quinn

Look no further for the present *no one* will be able to put down. To rescue a kingdom on the verge of collapse, the fearless Knights have only one choice: to venture into a realm of unending darkness. This gripping read melds horror and fantasy genres—and even includes a touch of romance, too.

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You're spending winter break: Creating your ultimate vision board

Read: Brand Up by Stacey Ross Cohen

Welcome to the toolkit for any budding girlboss. Jam-packed with writing exercises and top-notch tips from experts (think: college admissions officers), this inspiring read will help you harness your superpower(s) in the classroom *and* your career.

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You're spending winter break: Baking up a storm with your little sis

Read: Nothing Else But Miracles by Kate Albus

Family-first gals, unite! Three close-knit sibs discover miracles where they least expect them—in their very own neighborhood. Based in a real place in NYC and steeped in World War II history, this cozy read will warm your heart (and keep you turning pages!). 

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You're spending winter break: Competing in a family Clue tournament 

Read: The Winterton Deception: Final Word by Janet Sumner Johnson

If you consider yourself an unofficial detective, this one's for you. A hidden fortune? Long-lost relatives? A cut-throat competition? Twins Hope and Gordon are in for a twisty adventure when they enter an intense spelling bee—their last chance to save their family from financial ruin.

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You're spending winter break: Rocking out to GUTS on your morning neighborhood jog 

Read: Running Mates by Emily Locker

Romeo and Juliet, but make it ~modern~. Running Mates is a clever coming-of-age story about love, friendship and finding common ground. Follow two star cross-country runners from opposing families (and political parties) as they unexpectedly fall for each other—and fast.

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You're spending winter break: Writing the next chapter of your paranormal fanfic

Read: Death is My BFF by Katarina E. Tonks

Everything changes for Faith Williams when she almost loses her life during a robbery. Death spares her soul but makes a promise to return when she’s 18 to collect it. Fans of the supernatural can't help but heart this spooky (and low-key romantic) story.

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You're spending winter break: Opening your own DIY jewelry shop on Etsy

Read: The Epic Mentor Guide by Illana Raia

Listen up, major go-getters: This advice from 180 boss women is your ticket to future success in the workplace. With words of wisdom from accomplished CEOs and entrepreneurs, you'll be so ready to make 2024 your most productive year yet.

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You're spending winter break: Swapping stories with relatives over hot cocoa

Read: My Big, Fat Desi Wedding edited by Prerna Pickett

You get it: No family get-together is complete without delish food, lots of laughter and juuust a little bit of drama. In this anthology, which centers on exciting and energetic wedding parties, eight Desi authors share their stories exploring the love-filled traditions of their region. 

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You're spending winter break: Adding to your mermaid-core Pinterest board

Read: The Selkie's Daughter by Linda Crotta Brennan

Dive into another world (literally!) in this epic, imaginative fantasy where mermaids meet Celtic mythology. Brigit fights to rescue her family and protect young seals from grave danger, all while trying to conceal her biggest secret: She's the daughter of a selkie.

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You're spending winter break: Crafting a memory scrapbook for your bestie

Read: Not the Worst Friend in the World by Anne Rellihan

Lou will do just about anything to prove herself to her new friend and the old BFF she betrayed. Enter: A mystifying note that says a classmate has been kidnapped. This is Lou's one chance to show that she's not the worst friend in the world—but it won't be easy. A winding mystery with *best* friendship on the line? Yes, pls.

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You're spending winter break: Streaming your fave throwback cartoon

Read: Weird But True from National Geographic Kids

Did you know that Encanto’s Mirabel is the first Disney heroine to wear glasses? Or that Donald Duck has an asteroid named after him? Discover fun facts and delightful Disney did-you-knows about your fave movies, park attractions and more.

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by GL | 11/27/2023