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How to read like Rory Gilmore this year

Cue the la la's (iykyk), because you're about to enter your Rory Gilmore era. It's no secret that our favorite small town girl is a big bookworm, and quite honestly, there's just one too many sophisticated literary references in the show for us to keep up with. If you've ever wanted to tap into your inner Rory, starting with these classics is the way to go. DW, you'll be catching on to those references in no time. 

1. The Picture of Dorian Gray


Out of the *many* writers mentioned in Gilmore Girls, Oscar Wilde is one that comes up quite a few times. If classics intimidate you, then The Picture of Dorian Gray is definitely a good one to start with. It follows a young man who sells his soul to be forever young—but here's the catch: A portrait of himself will bear the ravaging effects of his true age. We know, that's wilde. Crack open the spine and tune in for the read of your life!

2. Northanger Abbey


Remember that one scene where Paris and Jess argue about Jane Austen and Bukowski over a concerning amount of takeout? Well, Jane Austen is a must if you're trying to read like Rory. A good starting novel is Northanger Abbey, since it reads relatively easier than some of her other novels. Following an unlikely heroine as she navigates coming-of-age, this is a lighter and funnier classic that you'll enjoy reading.

3. Valley of the Dolls


Although Valley of the Dolls was mentioned as a movie in the show, the book is not something to miss out on. With so many old-school chick flick references, it's no surprise that this novel was mentioned in the show. With three young career women trying to make it in New York City, romantic storylines and tragic downfalls, Jacqueline Susann reveals what it meant to be a woman in the entertainment industry in the 1960s.

4. The Awakening


Out of the many books that Rory has read, The Awakening is definitely one of our top picks. Because the show is so female-centered, it makes perfect sense that Rory would pick up this book. It follows a young mother who embarks on a journey for spiritual awakening and personal freedom from her domestic and traditional life in an upper-class society. This is such a meaningful and forward-thinking novel, so be prepared to embark on an enlightening journey of your own. 

5. Fahrenheit 451


Referenced in the show as one of many culturally significant books, this is one of those classics that don't actually read like a classic (phew!). Set in a dystopian world, a book-burning fireman deals with an oppressive world that bans books—an actual nightmare, right? All we're saying is that you'll probably be glued to this book like how your eyes were glued to the screen episode after episode. 

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by Anne Chen | 9/1/2023