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The BookTuber to watch based on your favorite genre

BookTube is *the* place to get niche book recs—but only if you know who to watch. Otherwise, you'll be spending hours and hours adding book recs that don't quite fit your preferences to your TBR list. Whether you like nonfiction, romance, memoirs, dark academia or classics, there's a BookTuber out there who will know the next read you'll absolutely love. Not sure where to start? Dw, we've found a niche BookTuber for your favorite type of book.

Nonfiction/Fictionalized Memoirs: uncarley

Carley Thorne, aka uncarley, is the ultimate pop culture cool girl of BookTube. While she shares books from a variety of genres, many of her favorites are memoirs and nonfiction titles. From Eve Babitz to Joan Didion, Patti Smith and Nora Ephron, Carley gives the *best* recs when it comes to books about pop culture icons. In addition to sharing her recommendations, some of her other videos include reading celebrities' favorite books (e.g. Anya Taylor-Joy, Lorde and Emma Chamberlain) and giving rundowns of celebrity memoirs (e.g., Paris Hilton's Paris: The Memoir and Jennette McCurdy's I'm Glad My Mom Died). 

Classics/Literary Fiction: Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards is quite literally the jack of all trades when it comes to the realm of book recommendations. For *any* trope or vibe (like, anything), he has a book rec for you. He gives some incredible recs for classic books in particular, especially if you're just starting to make your way through literature's time-honored tales. But, if you're more into general literary fiction, he has plenty of recs for when you want a lighter book, something with magic realism or a more emotional read. Some of his other videos include analyzing literary references in Taylor Swift songs (there are so many!), tier-ranking classic books and going on blind book dates. 

Romance/YA: Haley Pham 

Haley Pham is the girl to go to when you're in desperate need of a light, fluffy romance book. Look beyond your typical Sally Rooney and Emily Henry (we love them, though), because Haley Pham has an incredible range of swoon-worthy books for just this one genre! If you're looking for something more youthful, she also has plenty of YA book recommendations to go around. Some of her other videos include reading viral TikTok romance books, book shopping vlogs and fun reading challenges. 

Dark Academia/Fantasy: The Book Leo 

Just like these other BookTubers, The Book Leo has so many book recs from a variety of genres. But her cozy academia reads are a must if you love books like The Secret History by Donna Tartt. And if you're a sucker for fantasy, look no further. Her other videos include ranking fantasy romance tropes, reminiscing on teen dystopian novels and ultimate guides to dark academia.  

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by Anne Chen | 9/17/2023