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6 BookTubers you should add to your watch list

Are you in a reading rut? Or maybe you're just getting started on your reading journey? It can be difficult to know where to begin with the millions of books out there...but watching BookTubers can help. BookTube is a growing community on YouTube that shares *all* things bookish—including fave novels, upcoming TBRs and special themed videos. We've compiled a list of six reading influencers you should subscribe to rn.


Sara's videos are comforting and always have us adding more books to our never-ending TBR! Her channel started off with fashion and lifestyle content but has transformed into a mix of reading and day-in-the-life videos. We enjoy her bookshelf tours, her challenges where she reads only a specific genre for a week and her many Barnes & Noble trip vlogs! She often reads a mix of romance, mystery and YA faves. She's also a *huge* Harry Styles fan (relatable)!

One of her five-star reads: If He Had Been with Me by Laura Nowlin


If you like cottagecore, light academia and vintage vibes all mixed together, you *need* to follow DarlingDesi. She makes the most aesthetically-pleasing videos, and while she isn't exclusively a BookTuber, she frequently films book hauls, where she highlights themed books like spring or cottagecore novels. We also heart her cutesy morning vlogs. She's currently prepping to move to New England, so we'll get lots of new books and moving content in the future!

One of her five-star reads: Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater


Steph first popped up in our recommended feed last year when she was studying abroad. We were instantly obsessed with her travel vlogs—but we love her book recommendations *even* more! She is the queen of romance BookTube, where she posts monthly reading wrap-ups, specific trope recs and relates books to our fave singers (like her Taylor Swift's Midnights as book recs vid). She romanticizes being alone, and watching her videos feels like a FaceTime call with your bestie. Steph graduates college this spring and is planning on moving to England, so we're super excited to see more vlogs in the future! 

One of her five-star reads: Normal People by Sally Rooney


Kayla at BooksandLala feels like listening to your slightly chaotic and totally hilarious bestie recommend books to you. She creates tier rankings, collabs with other BookTubers and predicts what her favorite books will be. Kayla's BookTube style is super chill and relaxed, while also adding a lot of funny moments that will make you laugh out loud. 

One of her five-star reads: Sadie by Courtney Summers


Haley Pham has been popular on YouTube for years, but she hasn't always been a BookTuber. She recently switched to posting more bookish videos and productive routines on her main channel—and she also has a vlog channel that's solely focused on reading. She reads a mix of genres and always gives the most honest reviews (she's a pro at telling you what's *really* worth your time). We love watching her videos where she reads for 24 hours and rates viral TikTok books!

One of her five-star reads: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


Regan aka PeruseProject has the best recommendations for every specific mood you're feeling. Whether you're looking for a brooding man reluctantly taking on a parental role (total The Last of Us vibes) or an amazing angsty romantic fantasy book, Regan has a recommendation for you. Her YouTube channel and Instagram are both so adorable and color-coordinated. And not to mention, she has a very consistent upload schedule to give you all the new content.

One of her five-star reads: Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher

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by Ally Coy and Maddy Phillips | 3/26/2023