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5 picturesque bookstores you should put on your bucket list

Books come in all shapes and sizes—and so do bookstores. Though we all love a weekend Barnes & Noble visit (and the delish coffee shop pastries!), there's nothing more charming than stumbling upon an independent bookstore. Here are five unique bookstores around the world that are each a reader's paradise in their own way. 

1. Boekhandel Dominicanen, Netherlands


Built inside a 13th-century Dominican Church, this bookstore has the perfect vibe for all you dark academia girlies. With rows upon rows of books nestled in Gothic architecture, what more could a reader want? 

2. Livraria Lello, Portugal


The Lello Bookstore, one of the oldest in Portugal, was built in 1869. It's famous for its forked staircase and huuuge stained glass window. It's even said to be JK Rowling's inspiration behind Harry Potter

3. The Last Bookstore, United States


The Last Bookstore is a place you can get lost in—literally. With themed sections (like the book vault pictured above, for rare books), bookish art installations and dim lighting, you can explore for hours without getting bored. If you weren't already convinced to visit: There are also a lot of second-hand books, so it's super affordable!

4. Arc N Books, South Korea


Best known for its gorg book tunnel, Arc N Books is *both* aesthetic and practical. Its wide selection of fiction and academic books plus cozy coffee shop makes this the perfect place to study if you ever find yourself in South Korea

5. Atlantis Books, Greece 


A small bookshop overlooking Santorini, Atlantis Books might be the most romantic place we've ever seen. Can you imagine wearing a flowy sundress while browsing through books here? We're literally obsessed.

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Top image: @beautifulbookstores
Slider image: @books.places.bookstores


by Cathy Li | 3/25/2023