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2023 reading resolutions you'll actually want to keep

Your bestie wants to read 50 books in 2023. Your fave celeb wants to read 100. That aesthetic Instagram account wants to finish their *entire* TBR list. The notifications are endless!

Real talk: It can feel v. overwhelming to see everyone else's reading resolutions, especially if you're always on the move and have limited time. 

Here's the truth: giving yourself unattainable reading goals will make it harder to love reading. Too much pressure can make you feel guilty if you don't meet your own expectations. So to help you keep your page-turning hobby exciting, we've rounded up some reading rezzies that are both fun *and* achievable. 


Read 10 pages a day

10 pages may not seem like much, but the time you spend reading will most definitely add up! Plus, you can let yourself read ahead on days with huge plot twists. As an alternative for girls who want a story-based system, you can switch it up to read one chapter per week. Any method of creating a habit will do—the goal here is consistency!


Read books outside of your comfort zone

Rather than tracking the number of books you read in 2023, why not challenge yourself to explore new book genres? If fantasy stories are your main read, mix it up with a historical fiction novel for a blast from the past. A memoir from your favorite celeb could give fiction aficionados a fun adventure outside of their comfort zone, too.


Read a book with your BFFs

What's better than reading a good book? Reading it with your besties, duh! Choose a book everyone wants to read and set a date to chat about it, whether you dish chapter-by-chapter or wait until the end to gush about your fave parts. (If you need some inspo, we have 2022's trendiest books to check out.) Will there be a split vote over the book's OTP? Time to find out!


Read books by new authors

We all do it—rereading your favorite books over and over again is fun, but it can also get you stuck in a reading slump cycle. Pick a (reasonable!) number of new authors you want to check out, then ask your friends and fam what writers they're loving rn. 


Borrow more books than you buy

Do the pretty book covers always call your name in the bookstore? Us, too! But then we end up with soooo many untouched books on our shelves—and no time to read them all. This year, track where you get your books from and borrow more than you buy—whether they're loaned from a friend, the library or a book swap (Little Free Library is a great place to get started)!

Do you have reading resolutions of your own? Want to update us on how these ones are going? Tag us on Instagram @glbestiebookclub or Twitter @bestiebookclub!

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by Ally Coy | 1/19/2023