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EXCLUSIVE: Makenzie Lee Foster's new book is alll about luck (and a little adventure along the way)

image: Shakondi Lee

Maybe you've seen actor Makenzie Lee Foster on NBC's This Is Us or maybe you've caught an episode of Netflix's Emily's Wonder Lab. And here's the amazing thing about Makenzie: When she's not killing it at the acting game, she's writing books. And she's set to release her second book this February.

 Kickin' It with Kenzie—Luckily My Luck is Me follows her first book (which won a Moonbeam Award in 2019 and a Next Generation Indie Books Award in 2020, hello!) and we are so excited to read it!

We were able to snag an exclusive interview with the actress-turned-author herself, check it out!

image: Shakondi Lee

What's your book all about? My second book, Luckily My Luck is Me is a journey I take with my dog, Josie, to figure out if the lucky things that have been happening to us are due to a cool coin I found...or if something else is going on. I added a hidden message in the book, too!

What inspired you to become an author at a young age and what are the best parts of writing? I was inspired to become an author after seeing and reading books in my classrooms. A lot of them had inspiring messages and I wanted to make a book that inspired other children, too. The best part about writing is that my books are my own ideas. From the illustrations to the story, I can make it my own and be creative. Ideas for books just pop onto my head at random times, I write them down, and then I can put them in a book to share with others, it's pretty cool!

What are three tips you have for young writers? The best advice I have for young writers is to be patient. The process can take a while and it can be very hard to wait for the finished product. Try to be unique in the way you deliver your messages in your books. And have fun with it! If you have fun while making your book, it will show in your work.

You can check out Makenzie's new book, Luckily My Luck is Me, HERE!


by GL | 2/23/2021