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Rainbow Rowell's Pumpkin Heads is the *perfect* fall read


Rainbow Rowell's Pumpkin Heads is the cutest graphic novel, and it's perfect for reading on a beautiful autumn day. You'll get *all* the fall feels as you follow the hilarious pumpkin patch adventure. 

If you've read any of Rainbow Rowell's books, you'll know that she writes the sweetest love stories, and Pumpkin Heads is no different. Main characters Deja and Josiah are best friends and coworkers at a pumpkin patch. On their last night working at the patch *ever* they explore every part of the pumpkin patch and their own relationship. This story will totally make you say "awww" when you're finished. 

The story wouldn't be complete without the incredible art by Faith Erin Hicks. Every panel is a beautifully illustrated fall scene, and the pumpkin patch itself is more like a fall-themed amusement park than a simple pumpkin patch. You'll be *dying* to try every one of the seasonal treats described, and snag your own pair of Deja and Josiah inspired overalls. 


If you aren't able to go to a pumpkin patch this year, or you just really want to amp up your fall spirit, grab yourself a PSL or an apple cider and join Deja and Josiah in their adorable Halloween shenanigans. 

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by Abigail Adams | 10/13/2020